Report Reveals That Amazon’s Workers Might Be Listening To Thousands Of Workers

Report Reveals That Amazon’s Workers Might Be Listening To Thousands Of Workers


Currently, many workers in the Amazon are trying to raise the issue of minimum wage payments, but recent reports show that Amazon workers might be listening to what yo say to your Alexa. The report shows that those teams who are assigned to monitor to and transcript the recordings are in possession of your records. The report indicates that only those people are authorized can listen to these recordings, and other team’s workers are not allowed to listen to any of these recordings. Since all of these things are quite critical, those employees have signed a nondisclosure agreement in which they have pledged that they won’t reveal any information about these audio recordings.

Reportedly these employees listen to more than 1000 audio clips of Alexa users in between their 9 hours shift. Amazon has a robust internal control system which prevents employees using these audio clips for their use. However, two employees from Romania recently told a famous news channel that they listen to some audio recordings of Alexa users which they find amazing. Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, are already going through lots of bad situation because of the issues like data privacy.

Amazon’s spokesperson said that the company takes lots of high measures to make sure that workers are performing their duties ethically. Alexa users who don’t like to see such kind of things happening can easily disable their voice recordings. On the other hand, Apple’s Siri and Google’s voice Assistant also have human workers who monitored all of its users’ audio data. While talking further on this issue, Amazon’s spokesperson has confirmed that its employees don’t have any direct access to such type of information of its users still some people might get skeptical about its policies.

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