Trump Said He Never Threatened Feds Chairman Jeremy Powell

Trump Said He Never Threatened Feds Chairman Jeremy Powell


When it comes to US politics, it’s more complicated than anything else because the government and other departments have lots of different opinions. President Donald Trump had taken some shocking and effective decisions like a trade war to beat China, but those decisions have made lots of controversies. One of the most famous controversies is that Trump tried to put pressure on Feds chairman to cut the rate of interest. However, now even this whole thing has been covered by the media trump have said that he never threatened Powell when he could’ve done it.

Trump is famous for taking blunt decisions, and when the country is going through a trade war, he wanted full support from feds. Trump, in a recent interview, said that he didn’t get full help from Fed and Jeremy Powell is the man behind that problem. Trump thinks he didn’t do his job correctly because when it was Obama’s government rate of interest were very low. Jeremy Powell did not cut the rate of interest; instead, he raised them very quickly, and that’s what made Trump angry. The trade war situation which is going through some difficult phase as of now is getting out of hands from Trump because China is also trying to come up with the same type of dominance.

Trump thinks Powell could have done his job correctly, but he didn’t, and that’s why he is not happy with his performance. However, when asked about the upcoming election, Trump said that the Fed’s decision of not cutting interest rates is not going to affect his performance and people are going to re-elect him. 2020 elections are going to be very important for trump government because they have managed to slow down the unemployment rate, but with the trade war, many people are facing problems.

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