Drug For Curing Prostate Cancer Has Linked With Increased Risk Of Dementia

Drug For Curing Prostate Cancer Has Linked With Increased Risk Of Dementia


Prostate cancer is one of the leading cancers in men, and now a recent health study done by the researchers have found a linkage between a drug used for curing prostate cancer with dementia. Researchers carefully studied more than 150000 patients of prostate cancer, and they found the drug which they are consuming is increasing the chances of dementia or Alzheimer. The JAMA network did a health study, and they found that more than 20% of prostate cancer patients who have taken medicine are on the verge of dementia or Alzheimer. The drug called androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is given to the patients, which reduces male hormones in the body and stops prostate cancer from getting spread.

However, now researchers have found a fault in this drug, and they think the consumption of it increases chances of getting dementia. The older people are more vulnerable to this drug since it’s not good for their health to consume such type drugs. Researchers did this health study on more than 150000 participants who were aged above 66, and they studied patients diagnosis, which was going on from the last ten years. Among those who were given ADT increased the 20% chance of getting dementia also increased 14% risk of getting severe Alzheimer.

Researchers couldn’t find the exact reason behind such type of linkage with ATD drug, but now they are highly concerned about such kind of side effects. Researchers think now the responsibility on doctors have increased since they will have to prescribe drugs to prostate cancer patients after disclosing them side effects of it. Experts also said this drug might affect the life expectancy of patients since it weakens their brain and other parts of their body. ATD’s effect is also linked with how many doses a prostate cancer patient is having because the number of treatments one consumes more will be the chances of getting dementia.

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