Top 10 Data Management Software And Platforms

Get Ahead Of The Curve: Top 10 Data Management Software And Platforms To Look Out For 2022

This article will discuss the top 10 data management software and platforms you can use in 2022. In today’s data-centric world, software and data management platforms are plentiful in demand and rising in popularity worldwide. Now, data companies are beginning to understand how data management solutions can transform real-time data into insightful information that will […]

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Planetary Health Diet

The 7 Motives to Eat Less Meat and More Vegetables

Many people worldwide are moving towards a type of diet that includes less meat and more vegetables. Compassion for animals is a primary reason for becoming flexitarians or vegetarians. Also, there are some other reasons, including health benefits, financial benefits, environmental benefits, and others. Meat production is one of the main reason for global warming. […]

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Krafton, a PUBG developer, joins hands with NAVER Z to bring its own NFT Metaverse

Non-fungible Tokens are blockchain-based virtual tokens that provide digital scarcity and security. They are unique, non-transferable, and irreplaceable. This allows for digital ownership of in-game goods. PUBG developer Krafton Game Union stated that they intend to create an NFT-game, despite the harsh criticisms received by gamers from recent NFT announcements made by many gaming companies. […]

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