A Study Shows Young Children Are More Spreading The Virus Than The Adults

Even though health authorities are requesting all people to take care of the small children, a new study shows that the risk of transferring coronavirus is higher from young children than adults. A group of scientists made a case study on the viral transfer of coronavirus in people; they found that young children transmit COVID-19 […]

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Huawei’s Offshore Problems Are Increasing, And It Might Not Get Resolved

The ban of Chinese tech giant company Hauwei overseas has made quite actually hard for it sells any of its equipment outside China. China’s largest smartphone making company Huawei has already got banned in the US, and now the UK did the same. Experts are analysing the situation, and saying it might be a lo […]

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Tesla And Other Electric Motor Companies Stocks Are Rising

The pandemic situation might have been hard for electric car producing companies, but now they are recovering the losses during that period at a skyrocketing speed. Shares of an electric vehicle making companies like Tesla, Nio, Workhorse Group Inc went up on wall street, giving its investors tons of benefits during the hard times. Nikola […]

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