SpaceX Might Land their Falcon Heavy Center Core Booster Back on Earth

SpaceX is known for landing their rocket boosters back on earth and reusing them. There are some failed landings in the ocean, but that didn’t stop the company from progressing and develop the Falcon Heavy rocket to launch the spacecraft in the high-orbit. Now, the company is planning to launch the Falcon Heavy with the […]

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NASA’s TESS Telescope

NASA’s TESS Telescope Discovered new Sub-Neptune Exoplanet and Exploding Stars in Space

The NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has confirmed the discovery of the third new planet in our galaxy. Also, the Satellite telescope has found some exploding stars in the cosmic background. The  NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS was launched int he April 2018 and has been scanning the space for exoplanets and astronomical […]

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Ghost Dunes detected on Mars

Ghost Dunes detected on Mars could have Hidden Trace of Life

Recently scientists invented newly croissant-shape impressions on Mars that are giving hints to the antecedents of the Red Planet. In the “Journal of Geophysical Research” a recent study revealed by the astrobiologist David Catling and geomorphologist Mackenzie Day that their invention about the 800 “ghost dunes”; which are imprints of the hardened casts of ancient […]

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Blow Cellphone Battery

Why do batteries Blow Up? Scientists Reveal the Reason!

Scientists found the cause of batteries blowing up or failing. A picture of dendrites – extensions which appear similar to fingers – displays the potential to penetrate the barrier isolating battery compartments. The dendrites are capable of blocking the aptitude of batteries to accumulate more energy, becoming an obstruction for battery-govern things such as electric […]

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