Sports Mental Health Of People

Sports Is Found To Be Productive And Helpful For Mental Health Of People

During the period of lockdown, everyone is facing the major issue of deadly coronavirus. But, while being at home and not meeting people, it is also severely impacting the mental health of people. Now, experts say that playing sports during the pandemic situation is benefiting people to improve their physical and psychological health. Experts noted […]

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Federal Committee Says Men should Not Drink More Than One Drink A Day

When it comes to drinking alcohol, men like to do that more than many things. However, the latest survey reports from the Federal Committee shows that every man should not drink more than one drink a day. The report studies how drinking habits affect the health of men, and they recommend cutting down drinking alcohol […]

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States Are Sharing Information Of Coronavirus Patients With Police, Fire Fighting Departments

The condition of the coronavirus outbreak is getting quite tense every day since many people are getting infected and dying because of it. A recent report shows that many states share information about positive coronavirus patients with police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. The reason behind sharing this information is to let police officers know of […]

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