Spotify Bin: Find Out How To Get Spotify Premium Account For Free In 2022!


Speaking of music, nobody can sever our connection to it, whether it is indie pop, jazz, classical, heavy metal, hard rock, or the latest favorite genre-K-pop music. It’s hard to argue with someone’s taste in music. Several music-playing applications are available on the Internet, but Spotify has attracted our attention the most. With Spotify, you can do a lot of fun genre experimenting and receive recommendations according to your mood. Spotify does charge for premium services. There are many ways to get Spotify Premium accounts free of charge. In this article, we are discussing Spotify bin. Let’s not delay!

About Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows you to stream music, podcast, and much more. In addition, Spotify supports the top algorithm that works for all types of music lovers. You can easily access millions of songs and other content from musicians all over the globe. The music collection on Spotify includes songs categorized by artist, playlists, and genre. Spotify’s music library contains 20 million songs, which you can access anywhere.

Some premium services, such as ad-free music, shuffling, offline music, and much more, won’t be available to you. You must pay for a premium subscription in order to use these services. On Spotify, you can sign up without charge.

What is Bin?

The BIN is called the bank identification number available on every credit or debit card. Usually, it corresponds to 4-6 digits on the credit card. Each card, including Master, Visa, and Amex, has a unique bank identification number. The Bin is necessary to identify the issuer of the credit card. Additionally, it increases security measures for online transactions between merchants and consumers.

Furthermore, the Bin aids in preventing any unauthorized transactions from occurring. It also provides information about stolen cards, fraud, theft cases, and more by comparing the data provided by Bin to the data of the card user. But how does that assist in obtaining Spotify premium accounts? We will learn more about it in the later part of the article.

Spotify Bin Method: What Is It?

Bin can assist you in getting a premium Spotify account. How? Bins are vulnerable to multiple websites that may help you get free trails. Numerous websites allow users to create thousands of credit cards. But they typically don’t work. You should only create cards with specific BINs to ensure they work.

Spotify Bin Method


Now, if you can generate credit cards at random, you will be able to use these cards to get Spotify trial accounts or premium accounts for free. These bins require unique IP addresses and user details to work correctly.

  • Most Recent Spotify Bins 2022

Here are some of the recent and working Spotify bins for you. You can easily access Spotify premium accounts by using these bins.

  • Requirements For Spotify Bins Method

There are only a few requirements for the Spotify bins method to work for you. And here are a few examples:

  • Spotify Account
  • A working Bin
  • Strong VPN (Vypr VPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN)
  • Live credit card
  • Good internet browser

That’s it. These requirements will be enough to use Bin to get a premium Spotify account.

How Can I Get A Spotify Premium Account Using Bin?

Now that you are aware of the Spotify bin process let’s look at all the steps involved in obtaining a Spotify premium account. The method of using a bin is very easy. Additionally, you can simply use the Bin to generate online credit cards. Then, this card can assist you in obtaining a Spotify premium subscription.

  • Open Spotify and sign up using your login credentials. You can easily download the Spotify application from the PlayStore or AppStore.


Spotify application

  • Obtain a working BIN.
  • You can also copy the Bin from this list.
  • Now you will need to open active credit cards. You can use websites like
  • Simply paste the BIN that you already copied.


spotify account creation

  • After a few credit cards have been created, visit any card checker website to see whether any of them are active. Enter your card information, including the expiration date and CVV.
  • Suppose you get an active credit card. Connecting to the VPN would be the next step. You need to download any VPN; simply connect to it from the same server as your credit card country.
  • Now, on Spotify, select the plan you wish to buy. Follow the appropriate steps to access the payment gateway.
  • Select the credit card as the payment option and add the created credit card details.

And now, nobody can stop you from accessing music non-stop music with high-quality sound. To get premium plans for free, simply follow these instructions again.


By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can get Spotify Premium for free. Although some of these methods may be a little more complicated, they all work. So, if you are looking for a way to get non-stop music without spending money, try these methods. Now, what are you waiting for? Get started today!