A Viral Video SHows Teens Can’t Figure Out How To Use Rotary Phone

A Viral Video SHows Teens Can’t Figure Out How To Use Rotary Phone


Growing technology has made most of the young generation smart, but very few youngsters know how to use old gadgets like rotary phones. A Chicago based man did an experiment in which he challenged his son and nephew to dial a number using the rotary phone in four minutes. The Chicago based man recorded the video of four minutes in which one can see that two teens are trying their best to solve the riddle of how to a rotary phone successfully. In the video, the teens are seen struggling to find out how the finger wheel dial works since they have no clue how to use it. However, the trouble did not end here because in the video the teens are seen to be dialing the number without picking up and holding the receiver.

One of them while trying to figure out how to use the finger wheel dial said “Wait a minute… do we first have to pick it up and then dial it?. The person who recorded this video has verified that it’s not scripted or anything like that because both teens have never seen the rotary phone before in their life so whatever the camera recorded is authentic. This video has been getting lots of popular on Facebook and Twitter since it clearly shows that the US teens have no idea about how the technology used to be in the old days.

However, in the last 30 seconds of the video, it’s been showed that one of the teens succeeds to dial a given number using a rotary phone. The response from the teenager and youngsters on Facebook for this video is hilarious, and many of them agree that they still really don’t how to use a rotary phone.

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