Latest Report Says Amazon Is Working On New Video Game Streaming Services


If you’re a gamer, who likes to play high-end games but can’t do that because of the weak hardware system you got then don’t worry because Amazon might help you. According to various sources which state that Amazon is working on a new video game streaming service which will allow users to play the high-end games by using smartphone or PC. According to sources, the service which Amazon is going to offer will be similar to Google’s Project Stream and Microsoft’s Project xCloud. The only reason why Amazon decided to build this type of services is that the company has observed that many high-end games need expensive hardwares which most of the gamers don’t possess. To eliminate that problem Amazon is going to run those games inside dominant data centers, and these games would be easily streamed through Smartphones, PC, Tablets, etc.

Many experts think that this project needs more capital plus great execution which Amazon can easily provide and that’s the reason so many tech experts are positive about this new project. Amazon has already started their work and reports says that the company has already talked to various game publishers regarding the usability of their new service platform. Many Gaming publishers are seemed to be impressed with the projected service of Amazon, and it looks like Amazon might give fierce competition to Microsoft and Google in the video game streaming business. However, Microsoft has already seen to be leading in this sector because Project xCloud has guaranteed to offer a great services to the developers.

When it comes to the big tech companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon all of these try to invent something new and excel at it, and that’s the reason Amazon is also now entering into video game streaming industry. It will be hard to say when the company will excel at its new project, but many gamers will be happy after knowing about this new Amazon’s project.