A Study Founds That Mothers With Full-Time Job Are 40% More Stressed

A Study Founds That Mothers With Full-Time Job Are 40% More Stressed

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When it comes to working nowadays, women are also matching the speed of men, and hence there are millions of women who manage both the family and their full-time job. However, recent health study shows that those women who have a full-time job are likely to get 40% more stress than those women who have no children or career. Sometimes a person does not think that much about their health issue when they’re working tirelessly for their companies, and that’s what is happening with all those mothers who are handling both the house and a job. According to a health study done by the researchers from the University of Manchester and The University of Essex, it’s been found mothers who are working have more high blood pressure or stress level than any other person. The researcher of this study majored eleven key factors which indicate whether a person is under pressure or not.

Researchers said that mothers who have at least two children and working as a full-time employee in an organisation are going to get more stressed than those women who don’t have any children and working as a full-time employee. It seems like the pressure of the household, and the company’s work is correlated due to which many women are facing that much of pressure on their shoulders. Researchers Found that 18 percent of the surveyed women had chronic stress due to which their mental and physical health is getting deteriorated. Chronic stress is that type of burden which a person is suffering from a long period and yet does not give that much importance to it.

There’s need of some improvement in today’s work system because if the woman gets that much amount of pressure, then she is most likely going to get diagnosed with a chronic disease which is not good for their health.

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