Apple Facing Lawsuit Over the FaceTime Snooping Bug


Apple is already in deep troubles after posting weak sales figure and the recent FaceTime bug. The FaceTime bug is a serious bug that allowed the users to eavesdrop in other peoples conversation without their permissions. Now, the Houston based Lawyer has filed a Lawsuit against the company, stating that someone has used the FaceTime bug to call him and eavesdrop during sworn testimony. The issue is very severe as the United States of America has strict laws over the Sworn depositions and statements.

Houston Based lawyer named Larry Williams II claimed that an unknown person called him during the top-secret client deposition and evesdropped the conversation. If this is true, then it is a significant blow to the whatever case he was handling at that time. The client depositions are secret ways to discuss with the client and defendant in private and mostly used for out-of-court settlements. Larry Williams II posted a Lawsuit on Apple for unspecified punitive damages for negligence, product liability, misrepresentation, and warranty breach. Also, he said that Apple had breached the privacy of a person’s Most intimate private conversations without their consent.

As soon as the issue arose, the company took immediate actions and temporarily disabled the FaceTime for all users. But later identifying the problem, company disabled only the “Group Call” feature, where the bug lived for a long time. Now, Apple stated that they’ve found the bug and will share an update fixing the issue within the next few days, mostly before the end of this week. But the problem was widespread, and many people already faced the snooping problem on their devices. One woman claimed that her son sent the demo of this bug, but Apple employees did not share any response with her.