A New Health Study Found That Millennial Women Think More About Their Mental Health

A New Health Study Found That Millennial Women Think More About Their Mental Health


When it comes to health, everybody gets skeptical about it and think that they might get a particular type of disease in future. However, even though you might be thinking about your health issues, a new health study found that millennial women are more worried about their mental health than heart-related problems. We all know many people suffer from heart disease and die also, but it seems like younger generation are more worried about their mental health. American Health Association (AMA) recently released a report which shows that more than 75 percent of millennial women are not concerned about their health issues; instead, they’re worried about mental conditions. The report indicates that researchers studied more than 331 women who are aged between 15-31 and majority of them said that they’re concerned about depression or anxiety issues. Researchers said they wanted to find out how heart disease can be controlled at a young age.

Experts think it’s a subjective matter when it comes to giving priorities to health issues because a person who is going through lots of stress will be most likely to get diagnosed with severe depression. Heart disease is one of the significant causes of death among people; also that’s why many organizations are working hard to make awareness about it. AMA recently published their report regarding health issues, and it’s been stated that percentage of women having heart disease has significantly increased in last twenty years.

Experts think many women are not giving top priority to a healthy diet and hence following some unhealthy routines which need to be changed immediately. Depression is that mental health situation which increases chances of getting a heart attack. Health experts are advising people not to worry that much about mental health issues since it increases chances of getting heart attack also.

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