A Study Finds Cancer Patients Are More At Risk Of Getting Diagnosed With Coronavirus


Millions of people are suffering from the deadly coronavirus. Now a health study reveals cancer patients are at more risk of coronavirus. Two different studies on the vulnerability possessed by cancer patients show those who are suffering from cancer have a more likely chance of dying because of coronavirus than those ordinary people. People who have cancer or are currently battling it, are at the most vulnerable position when it comes to fighting against the coronavirus. These people are projected going to die within a month of being diagnosed with coronavirus.

This study covers the data from big countries like the USA, Canada, Spain. Researchers studied 928 cancer patients who got infected with coronavirus, and 13% out of these died in the first month. The rate of mortality seemed to be quite high among cancer patients because of various reasons. In the second study, researchers studied 800 covid 19 patients, in which approximately 28% died. The second study showed a brutal yet realistic number of people who could die because of a mixer of coronavirus and cancer. These studies show an essential side since millions of people are struggling with coronavirus, and there are already millions of cancer patients.

If they by any chance, get infected with both deadly diseases, then there is a higher probability that they might not survive. Health officials are saying having a low immunity system in cancer patients makes them more vulnerable to this deadly virus. Many hospitals are taking extra measures when it comes to dealing with cancer patients since now they have realised these people are at higher risk. Doctors advise cancer patients to be more self-protective by not going outside the home and meet people. They are also told not to visit the hospital if it’s not necessary since the chances of getting coronavirus is high outside the home.