Users Of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, Did Not Get The Service For More Than Two Hours

Users Of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, Did Not Get The Service For More Than Two Hours


If you’re a massive fan of using Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram then yesterday you might have faced some problem while accessing them. Well, according to report it’s been found that all of these social media platforms went down for more than two hours. If you go to the then there you will find many people complaining about not able to access Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram. Starting at 6:30 am EST many people began to complain about not being access these websites, and these numbers went at its peak within ninety minutes. Whatsapp users couldn’t send messages or receive them Instagram users were facing same problems during the same time.

A month ago the same problem happened when all of these three apps went down in North America, Latin America and many countries in Europe. At that time Facebook’s officials said that due to server configuration changes users had to face this issue. Till now we haven’t received the exact reason behind such downfall of these major social media apps from Facebook’s executives. Facebook is getting bigger each year also from last five years it has bought all of its major rivals like Instagram and whatsapp.

A few days ago the company revealed that they are trying to merge all of these three apps to get more control over them. Some tech experts have shown their skepticism over that decision of Mark Zuckerberg because they think emerging these apps will create more problems of data privacy issues. Now incidents like this make many people worry about how Facebook is going to manage these big platforms. It will be interesting to see what Facebook’s executives are going to say about this whole incident.

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