Medical Supplies With The Help Of Drones

Now Medical Supplies Soon Could Arrive With The Help Of Drones


Nowadays in many countries, drones are used in various ways, but it seems like now the medical supplies in the future will be done by the drones. Because according to a recent report there are many countries like the USA, the UK which is trying to consider using a drone to supply medicines across the country. In the USA a few months ago there was a successful trial of organ transporting drones in which the researchers successfully transferred a human kidney from one place to another with the help of Drones. Even though there are some successful trials of organs transporting drones, still many health experts are skeptical about using this technology. There are many countries like who have banned drones for using it to supply medicines. But it seems those countries are soon going to legalize using drones to provide a medicine which is going to be more helpful for the patients.

Dr. Joseph Scalea of the University of Maryland School of Medicine who successfully carried out the trail of transporting a human kidney with the help of drone said that this technology could save lots of money. Because according to Scalea he has seen many patients who had to pay more than $80000 to transport a liver on a charter plane and using drone technology such type of patients can save lots of money. Currently, in the USA, there are many patients who on a daily basis needs a human organ. If the government stop putting that much regulations on using drones to transport human organs, then it will be great for the country.

In the USA medical supply with drones is getting common even though the government and medical authorities are skeptical about this technology. But there are some countries which hugely needs such kind of technology because using drones to transfer human organs can help to save a human’s life with minimal costs.