Google Calendar Was Down For More Than Three Hours

Google Calendar Was Down For More Than Three Hours


When it comes to what day today is many people on the internet like to search google calendar. However, if you have recently faced some problems while accessing google calendar, then you are not the only one. Because according to recent reports, Google Calendar went down for more than three hours yesterday. When calendar users were trying to access the site, they were getting an error message showing 404, and that the message was there for more than three hours. The error message which calendar users got was around 10 AM ET until around 12:40 PM ET. However, now if you go to the Google Calendar dashboard, everything is working fine, and if you are still facing some issue, then you should contact the support system.

When the majority of the people were not able to access google calendar received an error message which went like this “We expect to resolve the problem affecting a majority of users of Google Calendar at 6/18/19, 1:40 PM,”. This message further mentioned that the time might get extended and they might need some extra time to fix this issue. However, it’s been finally confirmed that other Google services like Gmail and Google maps were working fine, and they did not get any affected because of this downfall of Google calendar. A few days ago, Youtube, Gmail and Snapchat went down because of some problems with the company’s cloud services.

Even though it did not do any damage to Google, still many users, who are active users of Google Calendar shocked when they couldn’t open it. On Google’s G Suite twitter account, they instantly promoted Google Calendar by saying how important it is to use the calendar for scheduling meetings. That might be a shocking thing to do, but it seems like a great marketing move done by Google to minimize its damage.

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