Spencer Neumann

Netflix Is Going To Hire CFO Of Activision Blizzard


Working as a key managerial person in a tech start-up company is not that much easy and that’s why big tech giant companies select only talented people at such positions. It seems like Netflix is in planning to hire talented Spencer Neumann who is currently the CFO of video giant company Activision Blizzard. According to the reports which show that the Netflix has decided to appoint Spencer Neumann after Activision Blizzard declared that they are going to fire him for an unknown cause. It’s still unclear for which reason Activision Blizzard has fired Mr. Spencer Neumann from company’s CFO post. However, many speculations are going on in the tech industry behind such decision of  Activision Blizzard, which shows Neumann did not follow some of the company’s norms.

However, Netflix, on the other hand, showed a full belief on Spencer Neumann’s previous work because of which now he is going to the New CFO of Netflix. Netflix has not officially commented on this report, but the company is going to be soon come out with their official statement. Activision Blizzard company which is famous for games like Call of Duty have reported more than 1.51 billion dollars of revenues. However, the company’s revenue was seen to decline in the current quarter, and now this might be the reason behind the firing of Mr. Spencer Neumann. In tech startups like Netflix, it’s tough for such companies to get a talented CFO who will manage the company’s finances. However, Netflix here has decided to put that responsibility on successful CFO like Mr. Neumann.

It’s still uncleared the reason why a company like Activision Blizzard will fire its CFO but, it seems like Netflix will get the best result after hiring Mr. Neumann. However, it will be interesting to how he is going to take manage the big tech giant company like Netflix’s financial operations which is nothing less than an extreme task