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China Is Offering Good Trade Deals to The US, But That’s Not Enough

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When it comes to a trade war between China and the US both the countries are trying their best to renegotiate terms and end this danger trade conflict which is benefiting none of the nations. In order to stop the trade war, China has offered to buy the American soybeans and also reduced the tariff rates on the US made automated cars and many other products. China is also lowering its strict norms and tax policies which are impacting negatively on many US-based exporters. The US has always been skeptical about the China policies because no business experts can predict for how many days China is going to stay positive about foreign trade and investments. Even if the country has now given the US investors an opportunity to invest in its country still, many investors are skeptical about the future trade restrictions.

Many US politics and business experts think that China has a habit of breaking such kind of good commitments which shows the skeptical view about China in many US business persons. Both the countries from the last few days are trying their best to end the trade war entirely, but China has failed to give complete assurance to stop the trade war. When a country refuses to work on a plan, it clearly states that they have other intentions also and that’s the reason why the whole world is still witnessing one of the biggest trade wars in the history. However, China has refused such allegations made by politicians by stating that they are trying their best to end this trade war but, due to conflict interest it’s not happening.

However, it is evident that if the negotiation has not come early, then it will hugely impact on China’s stagnant economy because many experts think that the china has already lost billions of dollars due to this trade war.