Coronavirus Outbreak Might Create A Problem Of Recession, And It Might Hurt Trump’s Election


President Trump currently isn’t worried about his Reflection in 2020 because according to him, there’s no fierce competition. However, at least some analysts tend to differ from this opinion since they think Coronavirus might become a significant obstacle for Trump. Moody’s analyst Mark Zandi said that Coronavirus might be a big problem for the country’s economy and Trump’s re-elections. Zandi said currently the situation is not good because Trump’s not sharing the same opinion with the CDC. If things go this much worse than it would automatically create a significant problem for his Re-elections.

A major health crisis like the Coronavirus could be more dangerous than anyone’s expectations. Zandi said this would undoubtedly impact the country’s economy as well as the political environment. Zandi thinks the Trump administration is not taking things quite seriously as in fact, they should because if the odds against it get more robust, the situation will be worse. The market research suggests that general investors are aware of coronavirus linkage with the upcoming recession. Investors are taking steps towards buying stocks very carefully because of the fear of having another recession.

Stocks are at their lowest point since the 2008 financial crisis because the S & P 500 went down by 14% since February 19. The Asian stock market, on the other hand, is going through even the worst phase. Trump administration also if trying their best to make sure there’s no need to worry about the Coronavirus outbreak, general people are still aware of the current situation. Zandi thinks the Federal Reserve also now doesn’t have that much control on the country’s economy considering the bitter relationship between Trump and Feds. Feds had always been the opposite of what Trump suggested, and such contradictory opinions might result in a Great Recession.