Harley Davidson’s Profit Falls And NOw Trump Threatens To Start A Trade War Against EU

Harley Davidson’s Profit Falls And Now Trump Threatens To Start A Trade War Against EU


Currently, the only thing which is worrying most to the businessmen of America is the high rate of taxes they have to pay which is hugely affecting their businesses. Now recent report shows that Harley Davidson reported very less amount of profit because of the extra tariffs imposed by European nations on American products. Motorcycle producing company Harley Davidson reported more than 26% short profit on Tuesday because of tariff issues which are going on with many of the European countries. After looking at this news, Trump seems to have got angry and said that the US is ready to impose more tariffs on EU companies even if it means to start a new trade war.

Trump said that it’s unfair to go through this situation and US will reciprocate to this situation with the right strategy of imposing taxes on Eu companies also. Harley Davidson’s profit fell short to $127.9 million from $174.6 million which has shocked not only trump by investors of this company too. Currently, the US is not having good relations with the majority of EU nations because of ongoing trade issues it’s facing with other countries.

Harley Davidson is that motorcycle producing company which has been going through lots of bad phase from last few months. Because even after getting so much of taxes imposed on their products from European government Harley Davidson is trying to shift factories into international factories which have made angry to president trump. Trump has shown his anger on Harley Davidson when he said the US would impose a high amount of taxes on it if they move their production out of the country. Currently, many people are demanding fair wages also it’s getting hard for their trump to provide jobs and that’s why now he is defending Harley Davidson.