Jon Snow, The King In The North

New Poster Of Game Of Thrones Season Is Linked With Season 1


Game of Thrones is one of those epic shows which has a tremendous amount of fan following and recently HBO released new posters of upcoming final season and fans are not stopping with their own version of fan theories. If you have watched all the seven seasons of game of thrones, then you must be waiting for final season to find the answer to only one question and that’s Who is going to sit on Iron Throne?.

We have seen many kings so far sitting on Iron Throne, but no one has actually able to rule all seven kingdoms of Westeros, but now it seems like fans are going to receive the answer to their question. There are many forums on internet which are discussing various possibilities about upcoming season’s end and all of them have a different type of theories. However, recently we observed a simple thing which according to us many people didn’t realise. If you look at a new poster of Jon Snow sitting on Iron Throne, then you will find that he’s sitting in the same position as Ned Stark did in Season 1.

New Poster Of Game Of Thrones

Many fans knew that Jon Snow was never a son of ned Stark and they found an answer to that question in last season when HBO released Jon Snow’s true identity. Now some fans are predicting that we might be able to see Jon Snow sitting on Iron Throne at the end of final season since he is the true heir to Iron Throne. Game Of Thrones has always amazed its fans with fantastic story, and one cannot say for sure who is going to win last battle, but one thing’s sure next season is going to be an epic one. HBO so far has spent millions of dollars on final season of game of thrones which they will recover soon since millions of people are waiting to see the first episode of season 8 which is going to be aired on 14th of April.