Spotify Pauses Indefinitely Its Plan To Bring AirPlay 2 Support To iOS Users


Apple users will have to wait more to get AirPlay 2 support on Spotify app. The company has told users not to expect the support any time soon. Spotify is an audio streaming company. It said that AirPlay 2 support of to iOS app will be delayed further. AirPlay 2 was added to iPhone OS around three years back. Notably, iPhone owners have been asking Spotify to bring AirPlay 2 support to its iOS app since then. But the Swedish company has now announced to pause the plan to support AirPlay 2 indefinitely. Although Spotify had been working on adding AirPlay 2 for a long, the decision to pause the plan brings disappointment to iPhone users.

Spotify called the AirPlay 2 support as a bigger project which the company will not be able to complete soon. It said that there are still technical issues that need to be sorted out. It has detected issues in audio driver compatibility and more. On the technical front, an app requires implementing AVFoundation framework APIs to support AirPlay 2. Apple has outlined the process on the developer portal. According to Spotify, it has not added native support for the HomePod. Notably, Apple last year announced to allow streaming content on HomePod from third-party music services.

Apple introduced AirPlay 2 in 2018. It was launched as a part of iOS 11.4. The company made several changes and enhanced the existing features. Basically, it allows wireless streaming of content. However, it is compatible with Apple devices. It allows iPhone, iPad, or Mac users to stream a variety of content to Apple TV, audio devices, and more. Spotify had in 2019 filed a complaint against the iPhone make with the European Commission. Spotify and Apple Music are rivals. The two dominate the music streaming industry. Spotify in its complaint had accused Apply of imposing such limitations that favored its own services over the competitors. Apple has since lifted several restrictions to allow third-party apps to work with its ecosystem.