Feeding Fish to Children

A New Study States that Feeding Fish to Children May Help Create Smarter Kids


A new study at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Nursing Study found that the kids who consumed fish on a regular basis scored atleast 5 points higher on a standard test of IQ level, which measures the cognitive function of the children. Those children, who favoured fish over traditional any kid-friendly items such as; fries and chicken fingers for instance, also had better sleep and lesser interruptions during sleep.

In China the study of 541 girls and boys, ages ranging from 9-11, those who finishes a questionnaire that had questions asked on how they ate fish in the previous month, was published on 22nd Dec in the Scientific Reports. The outcome that they found where children who wrote they consumed fish once in a week score 4.8 points higher on the “Wechsler Intelligence Scale” IQ test than those kids who said rarely or even never ever included fish in their meals.

The lead author on the paper and also confederate professor of nursing and public health, Jianghong Liu said to the Penn news that the recent area of this research is not much well-developed, but it is evolving. Here they look at the omega-3s coming from the foods instead from the supplements.

Even the children who are occasionally fish only kids benefited with better non-verbal and verbal skills and even scored an average of 3.3 IQ points that’s higher than those who wrinkled their noses and face seeing any fish. The link between the fatty acids of omega-3 that are found in fish, though not in all types of fish, had been found having better functional of brains over the years, according to several studies.

Executive director at the Penn’s Centre of Public Health Initiatives, Professor Jenifer Pinto-Martinone told about the Research to the Penn’s News; consumption of fish has really good positive health benefits and it is something that should be more highly promoted and advertised. At very earlier stage only children should be introduced to it. He cited this on the growing body of evidence. Freshly caught sardines are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and are also less in mercury, and it’s good for kids.