Razer Masks

Razer Unveils Concept Face Mask Under Project Hazel That Amplifies Voice, Ventilates Air


Gaming equipment maker Razer has introduced a smart N95 mask that not only prevents the spread of coronavirus but also amplifies your voice. The company claims that it is the world’s smartest mask and has been unveiled under Project Hazel. The mask has been specially designed to have active ventilation along with an auto sterilisation function. It has been made with a transparent material that allows people to see your face when you speak. The most important thing is that it has an inbuilt mic and amplifier combo. This amplifies your voice, making it easier for you to listen. To make it look trendy, the mask has a low-light mode. There will be interior lights which automatically lit up when it is dark.

Razer said that it is the most intelligent mask ever and focuses on five main points – safe, sustainable, comfortable, sustainable, and personalisation. It will come with wireless charging that kills viruses and bacteria as the mask charges. This is because the charging case is lined with UV light in the interior. It also changes color to give an indication about battery level with the red being the low battery and green being the full battery. The company said that it has added a mic and amplifier so that your voice is not muffled when you speak. While the map can be custom-made to fit every individual’s face, there will be two customisable lighting zones.

The map also has a ventilation system to release heat produced when someone exhales. This will also prevent the building-up of carbon dioxide inside the mask. The company has also introduced gaming under its Project Brooklyn. The gaming chair features a 60-inch rollout display. However, both the products are just prototypes and there is no surety that they will eventually take off. Despite this, one must agree that the products are rather innovative. They were introduced at CES 2021 and it is now that they have gone viral, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.