Massive Solar Storm Once Hit Earth

Massive Solar Storm Once Hit Earth – Evidence in Greenland Proves That


Solar storms keep hitting the earth and other planets in our solar system. But there is no evidence that the massive solar storm once hit the earth. But as scientists were studying the Greenland geography, they’ve found the gigantic solar storm hits on the planet. The expected time of the solar proton event, which is the massive solar storm hit the earth is somewhere around 660 BCE, means 2,679 years ago. The solar proton event was so strong that it penetrated the earth’s magnetic field and hit the surface. If the event could have happened in today’s date, then we could’ve seen the catastrophic impacts on electricity production and telecommunication industry.

Lund University geologist Raimund Muscheler shared his research in the proceedings at National Academy of Sciences, with the proof that the event happened. The Raimund and his team at Lund University shared the evidence such as the increased levels of beryllium-10 and chlorine-36 isotopes locked in the thick ice cores. These isotopes are proof that the solar storm might have hit the earth nearly 2,679 years ago, and the event is regular every 2,500 or 3,000 years. As there is no concrete evidence against the regularity of Solar Proton Events, scientists took the assumption with a grain of salt.

This is not the first time scientists have discovered the Solar Proton Events hitting the earth. The other events happened approximately 1,245 and 1,025 years ago. The solar proton events are nothing but the massive solar winds and flares, which send the highly-charged protons towards earth. Low-intensity particles are reflected in space by Earth’s magnetic field, creating Aurora on each pole. But, high-intensity particles do penetrate the magnetic field and does catastrophic damage. The Solar Proton Events are harmful to the earth, as they are known to degrade the ozone layer temporarily.