Yellowstone Supervolcano

Relax, Yellowstone Supervolcano isn’t Erupting Anytime soon but here’s what you should know…..


We all saw the Yellowstone Supervolcano go up in the movies 2012. We were taken to the edge of seats wondering the question what if this actually happened? Relax people; this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. So just take a deep breath as the supervolcano is nowhere near to eruption now.

The news about a supereruption came last week which send panic wave among people. However, scientists have now dismissed the whole news stating that the “supervolcano won’t have a supereruption” in the next few thousand years. The chances of this are very slim. Scientists have over years speculated that a supervolcano located beneath the park might erupt and cause massive devastation. But thankfully so far no solid evidence has been found to support these claims.

Scientists now say that the theories and studies can now be taken as an early warning system. Instead of getting scared, the eruption is highly unlikely to take place within a human lifespan. Scientists said that even if large eruptions are preceded by decades, they would still be detected in due advance time. Yellowstone has caught the eye of scientist for decades now. The supervolcano has been monitored for seismic activities, deformation, thermal and geochemical activities with sensors.

The people of earth can breathe a sigh of relief as there have been only three known supereruptions on earth. Over the last 2.1 million years only one has been recent enough to cause any significant damage and that too was 631,000 years ago. These have led to massive calderas and massive magma flows. The resultant eruptions caused the ground to collapse and mountains and islands above them.

Scientists claim that if Yellowstone has a large caldera-forming eruption then it would have a devastating result on the entire world. The global climate would be drastically affected as the giant ash cloud would engulf the whole of the United States. Large areas of the United States would be affected and the burning fragments would fall millions of miles away.