Amazon 3-D AR Shopping Feature

Amazon Brings a New 3-D AR Shopping Feature to iOS App


Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce platforms has introduced a fresh feature called AR (augmented reality) view to let the customers visualize their online products in their homes, just using the smartphone camera. The company has launched AR feature in its Amazon app for iOS devices. AR view powers you with the ability to view several Amazon products in your own living space including electronics, games, furniture, toys, home décor and more.

The online shopping site before has dabbled with employing AR technology in its application, but it’s in the form of AR stickers only. These stickers weren’t that approaching as it represented a restricted product set and were created in a cartoonish way with large white borders that made them appear like actual stickers.

But several other retailers have gone forward with augmented reality execution – especially in case of shopping products like furniture – something which is difficult to purchase online as it’s quite difficult to visualize if the product or item will really look nice in the home. Perhaps, therefore, people often have preferred to buy furniture from retailers’ showrooms where they can view the furniture in finished rooms alongside other decorative substances such as lamps and rugs. In this advanced technology era, augmented reality has the potential to change the way – it allows users to image products in their homes.

Recently some other retailers have approached the AR shopping feature in their websites and apps such as Wayfair, IKEA, and Target. Just like IKEA’s execution, the online shopping retailer Amazon has added AR view feature from Apple’s ARKit, software that permits third-party developers to easily add this functionality to their phone apps. Therefore it is quite clear that AR view in Amazon app will function only on iOS platforms such as iPhone 6S or higher version of Apple phones which includes the latest operating system called iOS 11.

To experience this feature, firstly tap the camera icon in your Amazon app – it’s the same you press to scan a barcode or perform a visual search. Then select ‘AR View’ from its menu and it will appear. You can select a category from provided various categories such as ‘home décor’, ‘bedroom’, ‘living room’, ‘electronics’ and ‘kitchen etc. In the augmented reality view screen, users are allowed to move and rotate the items in a complete 360-degree view. The feature although is in its infancy period. But AR will offer you a good sense of item’s dimensions and a fair idea of its color.