Android Apps Will Be Seen Running in the Background of Chrome OS, Shortly


One of the considerable drawbacks of Chrome OS, and a shortcoming in using a web-first and mobile operating system, is applications that don’t act like any desktop software that it should be. Google is working on it for a remedy, as per 9to5Google, with a forthcoming update to the Chrome OS, which should be making any Android apps to run smoothly in the background. Lately these apps are a wider push to Google in unifying certain aspects of Chrome and Android, and will get paused if switched away from them. This is creating some problems for people who prefer to do heavily multitasking on their desktop.

It is since they appeared on this platform; the Android apps on the Chrome OS always had some limitations, such as stopping any activity whenever they aren’t kept in focus. There are quirks to the rule, such as Spotify, but applications with various games and real-time data gets paused whenever one clicks out of the window. And for those who are habituated working on other platforms this issue may seem really seem annoying for them.

This featured got first noticed by the “ChromeUnboxed” known as the Android Parallel Tasks in the Chrome OS 64 that’s currently available only on the beta channel of Google. With this Android Parallel Task one can run android apps regardless whatever other task they are doing. It can expected that the feature will be making its way to the Chrome OS public version along some time in the upcoming future, though when that cannot be said for now. Still it’s a great fact to see that Google is taking first initiatives in making Android apps on Chrome OS more desktop-like and powerful, especially after the “buggy beta” period, previously this year.

Since it is already running on the beta channel, it is safe to expect that it will debut with the Chrome OS soon enough in the stable channel. This is one great step where Android is about to become fully integrated with Chrome OS.

Thus, with the latest Chrome OS 64 all of the shortcomings will be fixed.