Apple iPhone 12 Series World’s Best-Selling 5G Smartphone In October 2020


Tech giant Apple is known for setting the trends in the industry. The company has just added a feather to its hat. Its iPhone 12 is ranked the best-selling 5G smartphone in the world in October. It achieved this feat despite a delayed launch of the device. According to Counterpoint Research’s report, it achieved the top rank in only two weeks of sales during October. It said that iPhone 12 and 12 Pro captured nearly one-fourth of the total sales of 5G smartphones alone in October. The iPhone 12 Pro was ranked the second best-selling device. The report said that iPhone 12 even made it to the list of 10 bestseller 5G devices for January to October period. It captured the seventh spot in the list.

The report predicted that the demand for iPhone 12 series will remain strong through the fourth quarter. Apple expects that the festive season will add more numbers to the overall business in December. However, there are certain apprehensions that the closure of its retails in some of the US cities, UK, and other countries could impact the graph. It said that Japan and China also reported strong demand for the iPhone 12 series. Apple through its iPhone 12 series gave a push to the 5G smartphone market. The 5G market accounted for nearly 24 percent of overall sales in October.

Back in November, iPhone 12 suppliers said that they are pushing hard to ramp up production to meet the demand. According to an estimate, the shipment of the iPhone 12 series is likely to reach as many as 80 million units by the end of 2020. Apple launched the iPhone 12 series in mid-October with four variants. All four handsets are 5G capable. The rise in the demand for the iPhone 12 series is owed to Apple’s more affordable pricing strategy of its products. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is ranked the third best-selling 5G smartphone on the list. The device was ranked number in the list for September month.