Apple’s New Sign In Feature Is Built For Its Users Data Privacy

Apple’s New Sign In Feature Is Built For Its Users Data Privacy


Apple is that tech company which is famous for making sure its users have right amount of privacy, and that’s why so many people still prefer to use Apple products. In a recent WWDC event, Apple launched a new feature in iOs 13 update called Sign in with Apple. According to reports, this new feature has been brought by the company to make sure that third-party sites like Facebook, Google, etc. have no access to its users’ data.

We all have witnessed Cambridge Analytica Scandal in which it’s been found that Facebook had leaked many of its user’s data to third-party sites. Now to put a solution on that problem, Apple has come up with some new features. An Apple user while trying to access to App Store through third-party sites like Facebook, Google will now have to enter their original Apple ID for Sign in. By eliminating the option of signing in with Gmail or Facebook ID, Apple has made sure that other companies don’t have necessary information about its users.

Data privacy is becoming a severe issue, we have seen because of rules like GDPR companies like Google and Facebook had to pay billions of dollars in fines. Apple is trying to beat its competitors by creating a right image among its users. Now this service of Sign in with Apple has become mandatory, which means other than Apple, no other company would have data of its users. Apple is highly committed to its user’s data protection, and they have promised not to misused its user’s data for their own interest.

Apple is trying to diversify its source of income, which is the main reason why they are investing so much amount of money in web services. Tech industry is already going through lots of problems because of a trade war. Now amid of geopolitical situation, this new move from Apple will surely increase the heat among tech companies.