Ataribox Preorders

Campaign for Ataribox Preorders and Crowdfunding Unlocks on 14th December


Atari will begin to take preorders for its game Ataribox console that starts from December 14. This New York-based company will begin its campaign for Crowdfunding on Indiegogo. In an email crack, Atari said that the people of Atari are thrilled to be introducing the customers their new and first gaming hardware in more than 20 years. They have greeted welcome to the Ataribox. Preorders will officially start from 14th December 2017. They also claim that their community is the ultimate backbone of Atari and they would like to propose their old supports a chance to grab the Ataribox at an exclusive discount price. So they said to keep an eye on the inbox to get their orders.

During September, the general manager and creator of Ataribox, Feargal Mac said to GamesBeat in one interview the machine will be running Linux on the latest Micro Devices processor worth $250-$300. Mac told that the Ataribox would launch in the 2018 spring time.  The Ataribox will release with a large back catalogue with classic games of the publisher. The idea is developing a box that makes people to recollect the past and feel nostalgic, but this is also capable of running independent games that they are willing to play in today’s day, such as the Terraria and Minecraft.

The new box is packed with custom AMD processor with the Radeon graphics. It will be running the Linux OS, with a user interface that it customizes with TVs. Mac told that the machine will not only run PC games, but will also be capable of running apps, streaming, playing music, and browsing the web.  As far as game is concerned, the machine will be running the type of games, which any mid-range PC can perform today, but it won’t be running triple-A games those require a high-end performance of a PC.

Mac stated that Indiegogo will be able to propose a powerful international support on Crowdfunding along with hardware support too. Since the Ataribox is a Linux-based thus it will also be promoting freedom for users to run what they desire.