Facebook Launches Web App Of Its Cloud Gaming Service For iOS Users

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Social media giant Facebook has launched its Cloud gaming service on Apple devices. Facebook Cloud is a free-to-play game. Apple devices users can now enjoy Cloud gaming services. Facebook’s Cloud games are, however, limited to a few countries which include the US and Canada. Facebook said that it will expand its cloud gaming to European and Western countries early next year. The company said that cloud gaming can be accessed on iPhones and iPads via a web app. The web app will allow users to play simple web games. This includes games such as Solitaire. It will also stream graphically intensive games. Apple users can also play racing games via the web app.

The company said that there are more than 1.5 million people who play streamed games every month on Facebook Gaming. The arrival of Facebook Cloud on Apple devices through a web app will increase the user base. The web app allows Facebook to circumvent Apple guidelines for the App Store. The iPhone maker had in September last year tweaked its rules for those in the business of cloud gaming. This made it difficult for Facebook and others to provide their services to Apple users. Although it is not touted to be an elegant solution, tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft too adopted the same pattern to reach out to iOS clients.

According to the new rules, third-party developers like Facebook are not allowed to have their purchasing mechanisms. This became a topic of a flashpoint between Apple and Facebook. Others companies too protested against Apple’s guidelines on iOS payments. Facebook made its Cloud gaming service official in October 2020. It launched several new games in the main app. It also provided support on browsers for Android and the web. However, the social media giant snubbed Apple. It said that the path of Cloud gaming on iOS is uncertain. Apple had earlier barred Facebook Gaming multiple times to arrive on iOS. Facebook currently streams more than 25 cloud-streamed games.