Augmented Star Wars

Google Releases Augmented Star Wars Reality Stickers For The Pixel 2 And Pixel


Google is finally unveiling the augmented reality stickers that it announced back in October. Today on the Pixel and Pixel 2 it’s finally launching these stickers. The stickers are very cute and come in 3D style, the 3D creatures appear within the videos and photos snapped from camera app of Google, by sing the new AR tech. This make them appear like those are really in the scene. To add little extra fun to the whole sticker thing; Google is launching this feature with two sets of sticker brand; one is “Star Wars” and the other one is “Stranger Things”. With the cartoon versions of the Demogorgon and Stranger Things kids you’ll be able to halt, along with a lot of Star Wars creatures and characters, including the porgs, BB8, and R2-D2.

Google even holds a quite a number of its own creatures, counting the coffee mug, donut, and a weightlifting stalk of broccoli veg. Previous videos by using the feature recommend the stickers work pretty decent. These AR stickers are solely exclusive to Pixel handsets as of now. In order to get the stickers the phone should also be updated to the Android 8.1 version; and all the phones haven’t yet got the update.

For the ones who have updated their system with the Android 8.1, Google states that the stickers feature appear within the camera app over the coming few days. Google also says that it plans to bring more such stickers packs in the near future. So, to get started with these stickers all you’ll need is Android 8.1 version, and fresh versions of the “AR stickers” app and the “ARCore framework”.

When you’ll have everything updated on your Pixel phone you can then open the camera app and on the left navigation menu, you can pick the “AR Stickers” from the camera mode of the phone. You’ll be forwarded with a row of characters and camera feed. You can pick from some of the Google’s 3D floating text, food characters, and licensed characters from Stranger Things and Star Wars.