Huawei 5g Technology

Huawei Has Become A Major Topic Of Discussion In Mobile World Congress Event


Huawei is that tech company from China which so far has been through lots of news because of some serious allegations made over by the US on the company’s 5G technology. All the global leaders are now attending the Mobile World Congress programme in Barcelona, and so far it seems like Huawei’s 5G controversy is going to be a topic of discussion. Barcelona is that place where usually deals regarding network carriers are made and recently GSMA an industry group and host of MWC in Barcelona have said that European countries shall rethink about putting restrictions on Huawei’s 5G technology.

The US has already been a severe criticism of Shenzhen based tech company, and that’s why Trump administration has put a significant ban on Huawei’s 5G network. Not only US but it’s allied countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Japan have also banned it. Now global leaders will be discussing this issue seriously over this week’s Mobile World Congress event. Huawei’s officials have already said that they don’t believe US can crush them and stated many countries are interested in implementing company’s 5G technology. Trump administration tried its best to prevent other countries from using Huawei 5g network, but it seems like some might not listen to US request.

Some European countries are trying to allow Huawei 5G network which might create some problems to US who is opposing the company from last many days. US Department of Justice has already filed criminal charges against Huawei for stealing other company’s trade secret and leaking confidential data of its users to the Chinese government. According to US Huawei is indirectly controlled by the government of China which uses company’s high tech equipment for its own benefits. Now it will be interesting to see what global leaders are going to discuss at MWC event.