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Nintendo Switch Came with Games like Super Smash to be 2018’s Priority over Netflix App

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News arrives from Nintendo Switch where it’s suggesting that the company has developed games like “Super Smash Bros the 2018’s priority, and no other console features such as a Netflix app. So, now it’s safe to state that new hybrid console of Nintendo has established a good niche in the market. Not only is this witnessing high sales, but this giant of Japanese games is expectant that several consoles could be owned by the willing households.

This undoubtedly creates a vast audience for the Nintendo to penetrate through, and its sis something a bit less likely to occur with the Xbox One and PS4. So, how’s it Nintendo intending to keep ticking over things in 2018?

The answer to that seems to be the new games of the Nintendo Switch. And one among those is the Super Smash Bros, and it’s new that’s coming ahead in 2018 to the Switch. However, at this point, not much is known about this ongoing project, except that it will be going really well with the fans. It is expected to be the franchise’s new title, instead of a Deluxe port from that of “WiiU”. It could also be launched as a new Pokémon RPG in the same year, which means that some weighty gaming might be waiting in the horizon.

Now that’s pleasing news for all the gamers, but not that much pleasing for those who are hoping for the appearance of Netflix app on the console. It is likely that Nintendo is rigidly fixed on welcoming new games to the console and less concerned about the third-party apps. This was lately addressed by the vice-president of Netflix’s device partner ecosystem, Scott Mirer; who currently gave an update on this situation.

Till date not much is known about the Pokémon Switch, expect the fact that at some point it will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. During a press conference in Silicon Valley, Mirer is quoted as stating that Nintendo haven’t shifted their priorities from the time Switch was first released back in 2017.