Trump’s Trade War Is Hurting China’s Economy Negatively

Trump’s Trade War Is Hurting China’s Economy Negatively


There are some decisions which can cost billions of dollars to the country and it seems like entering into the trade war with the US is costing a huge amount of revenues to China. For the last couple of days, the world’s two big nations are in the officially trade war which is making getting lots of limelight because it is somehow impacting negatively on the world economy. However, if there’s one country which is getting hit due to these trade disputes, then it’s China itself. Because the country’s economic growth for 2018 has been gone down to 6.6% which is the lowest growth rate from the last ten years. The fourth quarter’s GDP growth rate was just 6.4% because of the smaller amount of overseas sales made by the country. The export sector of China showed the drastic changes in its growth because many businesses whose sales depend upon the US market has gone into bankruptcy.

The small scale enterprises are getting help from the government because the local government of China is lending a massive amount of loans in order to help such businesses, but that’s just a short term solution. On the other hand, many economists are predicting that the growth rate of China which officials are showing is not real and it could be much worse than they’re presenting in front of the world. However, this is the first time The US has ever challenged China about the trade manipulations and trade practices which China uses to generate a huge amount of revenues. It seems like the trump‘s decision of trade war is actually hitting China’s economy more poorly than anyone’s expectations.

While this news might be good for the US workers but the decision which {resident Trump has taken affect negatively on the US also. Still, it seems like president Trump is the clear winner of this trade war.

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