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Amazon Trademarks a Mirror that will Dress you up in Virtual Clothes


When it comes to online buying of dress many gets perturbed over the buying when it comes fitting any suit or dress for any grand event or even the wedding. Some might be wondering over the idea of trying it out and see for themselves how it makes them look. Or will they even they fir their shape and size? Well that may come around soon as Amazon lately has patented a “blended-reality mirror”, which let the buyers to virtually try on clothes while placing one into a virtual location.

The patent explains the mirror as a partially-transmissive and partially-reflective, and makes uses of a blend of displays, projectors, and cameras for creating the blended image. This imagined mirror functions by scanning the environment for generating a virtual model, and then recognizes the eyes and face of the user for determining which objects are to be seen as a reflection. Once the process gets completed, the scenes and virtual clothes get transmitted via the mirror for creating the outcome of blend-reality.

Though, of course not all the patented ideas turn into products. But last year Amazon acquired “Body Labs”, which is AI software and computer vision organization that once extolled its ability in creating 3D models of human bodies making them move in motion, and then eventually dress them in virtual outfits. One can even draw a line of progression between the Amazon’s Echo Look and “blend-reality mirror”, a hands-free video cam that captures floor-length pictures of individuals’ providing fashion and style advice and suggestions.

Amazon has highly placed its eye on the fashion industry, industriously building up businesses within the sector, which also includes its own clothing and fashion line launch, and develops algorithms for designing clothing based on the fashion trends of Instagram. Having all considered, an Amazon-branded mirror helps one in getting dressed is more a bizarre as once it pretty much seemed.

So, now with the blended-reality mirror by Amazon one can see themselves wearing virtual clothes in virtual surroundings. The magic mirror is currently being marketed based on the basis of invitation-only as a “style assistant” of fashion.