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Elon Musk Sent An Important Email To Tesla Employees At Odd Time Which Has Concerned Many People


In the electric vehicle industry the competition between the big companies is getting larger every day, and due to which many companies are taking bold yet hard decisions, unfortunately, Tesla is one of those companies. According to a popular new publication which states that Elon Musk a few days ago sent an email to all Tesla employees at 1:20 AM reporting that the company is going to cut more than 7% of its employees. A few days ago Tesla Inc. said the company is reducing its workforce and giving answers to the questions of employees Elon Musk wrote an email to all of its employees stating the reasons. However, many business analysts and musk followers are worried about the company’s future. The email contained the news that the company is not in good financial condition and don’t have enough resources also to compete with its competitors, but still, Musk said to its employees that they can still beat its competitors.

Elon Musk said that even though the company doesn’t have that much financial and resources, they can still beat all of its big competitors if they put the right amount of hard work. Musk believes that the work which company is doing might change the future of next generation and they can achieve their dream of manufacturing that product which will sustain the transport and energy to help all humans on the earth. Tesla has been through lots of difficult periods but still the company survived and produced a successful version of the Tesla Model 3 car.

However, even though this message from the Elon Musk to its employees might inspiring for some people, but it shows the troubling side of the company which we can’t unsee. The investors of the company are worried about the future but it seems like Elon Musk with his team might get out of this problem also.