A Study Found Growing Up In Vegetation Can Improve Mental Health

A Study Found Growing Up In Vegetation Can Improve Mental Health


Most of the times people who work in offices spend majority of their day time in locked doors which might suffocate them. Scientists found that environment in which a person is living affects a lot on their mental health. A recent health study done by researchers from Aarhus University found that a person who spends most of their time in green space while growing up has good mental health in adult age. In this study, researchers observed thousands of houses which has been surrounded from green areas from last twenty years, and they found that those children who lived in vegetation environment had a good effect on their mental health. Currently, the world is changing at a rapid speed, and urban cities are getting bigger and bigger every year. Now this study shows us the importance of a suitable environment on a person’s mental health.

If we look into researchers reports, then it shows that world is moving towards urbanization at a faster rate. Experts already predicted that by the end of 2050 more than 68% of population will be living in Urban cities. Many people nowadays are suffering from problems like depression, anxiety. If people want to improve this current situation, then they will have to live in those houses which have a green space in their surroundings. Modern architecture has already been changed also that’s why many engineers are trying to build homes by considering future problems.

Corporate offices which have a massive number of employees realize importance of a suitable environment due to which many big companies are spending a considerable amount of money to make sure their employees are working in a healthy environment. One of the researchers thinks that if people don’t take serious steps right now to protect the environment, then next generation might not have a healthy environment to live.

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