George RR Martin

George RR Martin Reportedly Refused A Cameo In Game OF Thrones Season 8


When it comes to the game of thrones every fan of this show will love to read any news relating to it since that will make them happy. Recently, HBO released the teaser of game of thrones season 8 which is going to the last season of this epic fantasy show and now some reports are shown that George RR Martin refused to play a small cameo in this final season of GOT. George RR Martin is that person who has written Ice and Fire book and the whole show is dependent upon his famous books.

Even though the books and HBO’s game of thrones tv show are different, many fans who have read the books and watched the show likes to prefer books over TV shows. In a recent interview, George RR Martin revealed that he was asked by the show’s creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss to come to the northern Island for playing a cameo role in show’s final season. However, GRR Martin refused the part by stating that he wants to focus on finishing his last book The Winds Of Winter.

He said that he wants to play a role in game of thrones because it was his desire, but just for the sake of small cameo, he can’t afford to travel to the northern island especially when he has so much work to do. However, this is not the first time when HBO planned to bring original creator of GOT on TV screen because in a pilot episode George RR Martin was offered to apply a small cameo, but he couldn’t do it at that time also because of some reasons. If you’re a die-hard fan of the game of thrones, then you might have enjoyed GRRM’s special cameo in the last season of GOT.