Justin Bieber Revealed That He Is Going Through A Hard Time And Wants Prayers From His Fans

Justin Bieber Revealed That He Is Going Through A Hard Time And Wants Prayers From His Fans


Everyone wants to get fame by becoming the most fabulous celebrity, but one thing which everyone knows is that with such popularity comes many health issues will also arise. Recently Justin Bieber who is famous for his great songs has revealed that he has been going through some difficult time by posting about it through his Instagram account. Justin said that his mental health is not good from last many days due to which he is feeling disconnected from everything around him. A few days ago in an interview, Bieber said that he has cut all of his music shows and gone through some group therapy session.

Accordingly, Justin is getting feelings of depression from 2017 which he thinks is not going away quickly. Now this news might be a shock to all of his fans who love him, but it also means that Beiber needs serious prayers and support from his fans. Sometimes it becomes hard for celebrities like Bieber to opened up about their mental health issues; it seems like he is going through the same condition.

If we look back then in an interview Justin mentioned that he did not feel good during his whole music tour about which he did not talk to anyone. He said that he was feeling lonely and going through some difficult phase. Bieber is that musician whose career got a boom when his video went viral on YouTube, since that moment he has never looked back. But there’s another side to this story because getting that much amount of publicity is hard to handle also that’s why now he is suffering from depression. All of his fans have shown their support through social media and hoped for a steady recovery.

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