Starting this Dec-25, Tidal brings you a free 12 day Trial


This holiday season Tidal wants you to enjoy listening to some free tracks.

Tidal; the subscription music streaming service that’s run by music mogul Jay Z, who is proposing a 12 day free music trial beginning this 25th December, sounds much like a Christmas gift from them.

Dec-25 till Jan-5 2018, between this time gap, intended members can sign them up on the TIDAl.com and then get a free access to Hi-Fi streaming and Premium music (just email-id is enough, no need of credit card).

It’s over two years ago, Tidal was launched by Jay Z, giving upright in the business to a slew of many musicians including Jack White and the famous Rihanna, and proposing CD-quality, High-resolution streaming for a lofty monthly fee ($19.99, compare to a standard premium service for $9.99, identical to that of Spotify).

Back this year, Sprint has acquired a stake of 33% in the company, but this music service Tidal continues hustling against giant players such as Spotify. A latest report in the Norwegian newspaper, Dagens Naeringsliv recommends that the company has been diminishing resources.

As per Tidal it has come to be known they have had experienced negative stories about tidal from the time of inception and have done nothing rather than growing the business each year.

The fortune of the service remains to be played out, but meanwhile one can check out for Tidal and the 52-million song catalogue that it has that too in higher quality streaming compared to its competitors.

Among these you can check out the timely features while the trial period runs. All the best and essentials hits of 2017 playlists are there, including the best pop, rock, and hip-hop, and also other genres. Playlist for New Years Eve from Eugene Hutz, Franz Fardinand, Alex Sensation, and various others. Apart from this, just on the day of New Year, there will  be podcast interview with QuestLove ofSongExploder.