A New Health Study Found That Drinking Hot Tea Might Cause Cancer

A New Health Study Found That Drinking Hot Tea Might Cause Cancer


Many people likes to drink tea when they first wake up in the morning also if you’re also one of them, there’s a piece of important news for you. A new health study done by the American Cancer Society shows that drinking a tea which is more than 140 degrees hot could cause a person esophageal cancer. Many people living in Asia and Europe prefer to drink tea over coffee and this new health study done by researchers after observing thousands of people of Iran. People like to drink tea because it makes them feel energetic and they feel better after drinking it. However, many of us know that tea is not good for our health if we over-consume it.

There have been many case studies done on this topic, but this recent one shows that temperature plays a significant role while determining how much bad tea is for health. Researchers studied more than 50000 people who drink tea daily, and they concluded that hot tea causes same problems to our esophageal which tobacco and cigarette does. The hot tea could cause multiple injuries to our esophageal which will ultimately invite cancer. Sometimes people don’t think that much before drinking a cup of tea about its side effects, but now after looking at this new health study’s results, many people would change their opinions.

According to some researchers, not only tea but any common drink which is hot can cause cancer. There are many health studies done by researchers in which they found that drinking tea is harmful. The American Cancer Society shows that more than 13000 new cases of esophageal cancer will be found in this year in the United States Of America. Cancer has always been a significant cause of death among Americans; also now it seems like people will have to stop drinking hot tea.

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