A Study Found That Many Mental Health Apps Lack Scientific Evidences

A Study Found That Many Mental Health Apps Lack Scientific Evidences


Technology is growing at a faster rate and every day we are seeing tons of applications coming into market. If we look into the health sector, then there are tons of great applications which are trying to help people. However, a recent health study shows that the majority of mental health apps are not scientifically right because many of them don’t have any type of scientifically proven method which can solve mental issues of a person.

A study done by Nature Digital Medicine found that many apps don’t have any scientific evidence which can prove them to be true. There are millions of people who are going through problems like depression or anxiety. When they don’t go to meet psychiatrists what they do is find a solution for their issues online. In this health study, researchers studied more than 1435 applications, and only 14 apps were providing scientifically proven solutions to its users.

These applications were used by all those people who are seeking help on problems like depression, anxiety, self-harm, substance use, etc. Now some health experts are anxious about the result of this health study since it means many people are getting wrong diagnosis for their mental health issues. Issues like depression have always been a serious cause of concern for many Americans. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is trying its best to make awareness about mental health issues. Still, some people find it hard to open up about their problems; also that’s why they try to find a solution online.

The scientist believes that even if these apps are helping people to solve their problem is most of these content is still harmful to health. In another case study, it has been found that some mental health apps are sharing data of its users without their consent.