Home Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus

Check out 8 Useful Home Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus


Diabetes mellitus is the first phase of diabetes known as type 1 diabetes where the patient suffers from the deficiency of insulin (insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas). Generally, the patients associated with this type of diabetes reports elevated sugar level and starch found in their urine and blood proving the fact that these substances aren’t utilized properly in absence of insulin. People with this type of diseases are often prone to several complications that include cardiovascular diseases, diabetic foot, convulsions, and coma. The second-most populous country, India may soon lead to the diabetic capital of the globe. Here are some useful home remedies to control the conditions and prevent the disease.

Take Bitter Gourd (also known as ‘Karela’): Bitter Gourd associated with different other names such as bitter squash, balsam-pear, bitter melon etc. It is a tropical and also a subtropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae. It specifically grows in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. This vegetable is rich in plant insulin-polypeptide-P. Polypeptide-P is a biochemical which is helpful in decreasing blood sugar and considered as the best solution when it comes to prevent and control diabetes. Dr. HK Bhakru recommends taking four Karelas’ juice every day in the morning on an empty stomach.

Taste Indian gooseberry (also known as ‘Aamla’): Rich in Vitamin C, Indian gooseberry is treated as an elixir for diabetic patients. To keep your blood sugar under control and to stimulate the appropriate functioning of the islets of Langerhans (a group of cells accountable for the production of insulin in the body), the patient should take a tablespoon of Indian gooseberry’s juice mixed with a cup of Karela juice.

Fall in Love with Jambul (also known as Jamun/ Black Plum): Jamun/Black plum is indeed a favorite fruit of many people which usually comes into the market in the summer season. This fruit is associated with many health & medicinal benefits. It is considered as a potent home remedy against type 1 diabetes. It helps to maintain the pancreas role. The fruit is also used to lower the blood sugar as it contains a glucoside known as jamboline that mitigates the alteration of starch into sugar for the cases where the sugar level is high. To take the benefits of this fabulous fruit, pick the seeds of it, dry them and then crush them nicely. Now add a teaspoon of this powder to a cup of milk/water or curd. Take this mixture twice a day.

Make your day Good with Grapefruit: Grapefruit tempts you as it appears like a tasty orange that contains a reddish interior. This fruit is proved to be the best medicine for diabetes patients, according to Dr. Joe Shelby Riely. He suggests the patients eat the fruit three times a day or take three fruits a day on regular basis to control the sugar levels. In addition to this benefit, it also helps you lose your extra weight.

Diminish hyperglycemia with Fenugreek: India is one of the largest producers of Fenugreek in the world. Fenugreek is also known as Methi in Hindi. The tiny seeds of it contain a natural soluble fiber called galactomannan that diminishes the rate of sugar absorption into the blood. It is also accountable for inducing the production of insulin as it contains amino acids. Dr. HK Bhakru tells that consuming 25 to 100 grams of fenugreek or methi seeds help decrease hyperglycemia in patients with diabetes diseases. There are two ways of taking it, one is to use it as a seasoning in your meals and second is – soak 25 grams of the seeds in water and then drink it. Know the more advantages of it – helps to reduce the serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose of the patient.

Lower glucose levels by consuming Bengal gram: Bengal gram also known as chickpeas can be taken by a diabetic patient to decrease or lower the glucose level. The findings tell that even drinking the water of soaked peas help the body to enhance the utilization of glucose in the patients.

Beginning stage of Diabetes? Eat Black Gram (also known as Kala Chana): It is suitable for the patients who are at their beginning stage of diabetes and want to control it. Add 2 tablespoons of a germinated black gram (or Kala Chana) to half a cup of karela juice. Take the mixture by adding a spoon of honey in it on regular basis.

Love Mango? Why Not Try Mango leaves too: Mango is a favorite fruit of many and is loved by all, perhaps it’s the reason it is called the King of all fruits. Most of the people must have tasted Mango at least once. Now try tender mango leaves that are tremendously useful for the diabetes patients. Maintain your blood sugar level by taking 15grams of fresh mango leaves. In order to consume the mango leaves, firstly soak them in water overnight. On the next day, squeeze the leaves properly and filter the mixture. Taking the mixture on an empty stomach can be a proven solution to your disease.