The US Again Attacks China And Huawei Over Its 5g Technology

The US Again Attacks China And Huawei Over Its 5g Technology


Currently, the world’s two largest nations United States of America and China are fighting with each other because of the 5g technology. Recently Trump said that he doesn’t want to see the US getting beaten by China in the race of 5g technology and that’s why urged private companies to invest more money into developing a new wireless network. If we look at China, then it has already developed 5g enables products along with its biggest tech company Huawei. In China, it’s the government which is taking initiatives to become great at 5g technologies, and now the same is happening in USA.

Trump is ready to give some incentives to all these private companies which will be able to create a new wireless network. Both China and the USA are already going through a controversial trade war which is adding no value to both of these countries. However, Trump now wants to get ahead of China in this race of 5g technology. However, according to experts, US is still very much behind of China in terms of 5g technology, and some even believe that the country hasn’t also started working on it correctly. On the other hand, Huawei which is a pioneer of this new technology is beginning to roll out its service to other countries.

Huawei is trying to convince other countries but getting lots of difficulties because of trump’s interruption in these trade deals. Accordingly, the US government has already convinced its allied nations to not let Huawei’s product into their country because of security concerns. CBI has previously claimed that Huawei is indirectly controlled by Chinese government which is using personal information of all of the Huawei’s users. The USA is still far behind in terms of developing 5g technology also that’s why now Trump is putting more pressure on Huawei by putting a considerable amount of tariffs.

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