Amazon Prime to be Available for Medicaid Recipients

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos Tells Company Outshines Almost 10 Million Prime Members


Chief Executive Officer of Amazon; Jeff Bezos told that the e-commerce giant has outstripped almost 100 million paid Prime subscribers and will be continuing in the investment to touch the ever-rising expectations of the customer. Bezos in his annual shareholder letter mad a note of this that got published on Wednesday. The letter is the opportunity of the founder for underlining the long-term strategy for the investors, urging to shore up their confidence as he keeps continuing to plow money of Amazon into stretching it internationally, creating a presence of brick-and-mortar, and concocting new products such as; Alexa-voice and Echo speakers assisted digital assistant.

The prime subscribers of Amazon pay annually or monthly in order to get a fast delivery of their online orders, video and music streaming and also free online photo storage. The prime membership subscription encourages consumer to shop more with the Amazon and get things worth their money. Amazon just took its membership a step ahead with some integration of digital perks, and sells ad-ons such as a more robust music catalogue for an addition of monthly fee.

In order to hold onto investors’ faith, Bezos always includes his shareholder letter of 1997 to remind them of his capability in foreseeing the way the internet would blossom and change the shopping nature. He even proposes anecdotes, such as him taking a drive to the post office in his Chevy Blazer and dreaming to own a forklift someday, for recalling how far progress the company achieved.

As being the wealthiest man of the world; Bezos’s outlook and strategy have developed a cult-like identical to that of Warren Buffet. The CEO also stated that back in 2017 Amazon shipped over 5 billion items with the Prime across the world and more new members joined Prime than any of the past year.

The company also revealed the median annual pay in another first, for the workers of Amazon other than Bezos that was about $24,446, reflecting the huge number of warehouse and retail; employees on the staff. The number was showcased in the annual proxy statement of Amazon, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission of U.S., on Wednesday.