A New Health Study Found Americans Are Getting Inactive And Computers Are The Reason Behind It

A New Health Study Found Americans Are Getting Inactive And Computers Are The Reason Behind It


If there’s one thing which no one likes to get them, it’s tiredness and health issues, but it seems like most of the Americans are getting both of these things. A new health study found that many Americans spend too much time sitting around and the computer is there to blame. Average daily sitting time has roughly increased by an hour, and now it’s 6 ½ hours for adults. Most of the times these adults use computers while sitting.

Previous data show that by the end of 2016 Americans spent more than one hour using only computers which are doing nothing but adding unproductiveness into their life. All people like to watch TV or videos online for more than two hours daily which might be shocking but this data hasn’t changed from the last many years. One of the leading researchers of this study said that this thing is very concerning for them since it shows how much Americans are getting lazier every day. Sitting that much for such a long period is not suitable for health since it increases chances of getting obesity, heart attacks and even major heart diseases.

Health experts said that kids who are aged between 6 to 18 need daily 60 minutes of physical exercise to stay healthy. Now after looking at this data, many health experts are worried about the health of younger generation since majority of them are not only exercising but they are doing nothing but unproductive things. Some of the students who had been surveyed said that they not only feel unhealthy physically but they are mentally weak also. It’s been found that doing an exercise can improve your mental health condition also, so it becomes necessary to find a little time for your health.

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