Weight Lifting

Lifting Weight Is Good For Your Heart Than Running


We all have heard from most of the doctors that if you want to keep your heart healthy, then you should run every day but according to a new study it’s been found that a person who lifts more weight have a greater chance of healthy heart than a person who runs every day. If you’re a heart patient who solely relies on jogging or running, then you should go to the gym and try to lift some weights because by doing that you will be able to keep your heart in good condition. According to the scientists, who studied more than 4000 men and women and they found that those people who lift heavy weights had a great immune system and had less chance of having heart disease than those who do running exercise.

While many health experts still believe that running helps a person in many ways to stay fit. But they also agreed to the recent research which stated that those people who do an average exercise every week for at least 150 minutes help them to have a robust circular system. We all know weight lifting is a part of the heavy activity and when you do such kind of exercise it affects on your whole body which ultimately helps you to stay fit. While some people don’t like to do heavy exercise and that’s the reason they prefer to run because it is relatively easy.

According to researchers, the age factor plays a significant role in determining what kind of exercise is good for people because according to it they 36 percent of the younger people prefer to do static activities, on the other hand, some youth like to engage in dynamic exercise. But according to a scientist, it doesn’t matter that much which type of training someone is doing because if someone is involved in physical activity, then that’s ultimately good for their health.