Following A Healthy Diet In Younger Age Might Have A Good Impact On Brain In Middle Age


When it comes to eating people like to eat that food which they want but very few follow a proper healthy diet especially when they are young. A new health study done in Neurology found that those people who follow a healthy diet in their young age have a good impact on their brain in middle age. In this health study researchers observed more than 2621 participants and the food which they are eating. Some of these participants followed the Mediterranean diet which involves consumption of plants, fruit, vegetables.

Researchers studied these people’s mental acuity at different ages like 22, 32, 45 and they found that those people who followed Mediterranean diet have a higher cognitive function in their middle age. It’s been concluded that people who followed this diet were competent in doing menial tasks like organising and planning things which require most of the times a mental force or energy. One important thing which researchers found is that eating a better and less amount of food is useful not only for physical health but also for mental health too. Most of the time times people don’t care that much about what type of food they’re eating or how much calories does it contain. According to many health experts, Mediterranean diet shall be followed by all those younger people because it will keep them healthy in many ways.

A few days ago CDC reported that many people are showing symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer‘s because of unhealthy lifestyle youngsters are following. Some might not like to follow Mediterranean diet, but when it comes to protecting your body, you will have to adopt some changes which might look hard but have long term benefits. Still, there are so many diets which one can follow to improve their mental health. But according to this study currently, you will need to adopt a Mediterranean diet which is relatively easy to adopt.